Sales points

FRS has twenty eight sales points in Spain and Morocco, in ports and in key points on the roads that access such ports.

Here, you will be able to buy tickets for the different routes as well as get first-hand information on all our services, offers and other information of interest such as tours, experiences or excursions. This information is very helpful to avoid queues at port’s sales points especially during high season. Plan your route and find the sales point that suits you best.


Our sales points are:


FRS Iberia S.L.U    Telephone: +34 956 68 18 30    Fax: +34 956 62 71 80    E-mail: infofrses


Alcalde Juan Núñez Nº 2

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz

Estación Marítima S/N.

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz

Av Andalucía Nº16

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz


Estación Marítima Local B3

CP.11201 Algeciras-Cádiz

Estación Marítima Local B4

CP.11201 Algeciras-Cádiz


Estación Marítima Local E-17

CP.51001 Ceuta


Carretera del Puerto

CP.18600, Motril, Granada

Sales points on the road

Área de Servicio Villa Robledo

Autopista de Las Pedrizas AP-46, 29230, Antequera, Málaga, España

Río Castor

Gasolinera Repsol Río Castor, 29680, Estepona, Málaga


FRS Maroc S.A.R.L.A.U.    Telephoe: +212 539 94 26 12     Fax: +212 539 34 94 99    E-mail: infofrsma

Tangier Ville


FRS Virgin

Avenue Mohamed VI, 2bis C

(Entrée du Port Tanger Ville)



FRS Tangier Ville Port

Gare Maritime S/N Tanger 90000

FRS Hijra

12 Av. d´Espagne (Entreé du Port Tanger Ville)

Tangier MED

FRS Tanger Med Port

Tanger Med Sasse Quatre Gate 3, Tanger Med Port

FRS Tanger Med Port

Gare Maritime Tanger Med Port

Ksar Majaz

Route Tanger Med, Ksar Majaz Fahs Lanjra Ouad Ghlala

Auto Route du Maroc


Station Ziz Gzenaya

Station Ziz, Route de Rabat Gzenaya PK 9, enface Addoha.

Station Afriquia, Gzenaya

Aire de service Afriquia Gzenaya, route de rabat PK 13.

Station Shell Mellousa

Aire de service Shell Mellousa Tánger Med PK 25+500 vers Tánger.

Station Afriquia, Larache 

Aire de service Afriquia Larache PK 150 vers Tanger

Station ZIZ

Autoroute Rabat - Fes (dir Fes--> Rabat)

PK 65 + 500

Station Winxo, Moulay Bousselham  

Aire de service CMH Moulay Bousselham

PK 115+500 vers Tánger




Station Total, Sidi Allal Tazi

Aire de service total, Sidi Allal Tazi, PK 82+500 vers Tánger

Station Shell, Kenitra

Aire de Service Shell Kenitra

PK 27+600 vers Tánger

Station Afriquia, Bouznika

Aire de service Afriquia Bouznika

PK 26+600 vers Rabat

FRS Fnideq

Route de Sebta, Kondissa Soufla

Av Hassani II nº13, Fnideq

RME Foundation Mohamed V

Routa d´Assilah, Foundation Mohamed V



Av. Lalla Yacout, 42 Enface BMCI


Förde Reederei Seetouristik    Telefono: +49 461 86 46 03    Fax: +49 461 864 30    E-Mailspanienfrsde


Norderhofenden 19–20

D-24937 Flensburg