About us

The FRS Group is a leading German shipping company which transports passengers, vehicles and cargo (www.frs.de).

With more than 150 years of experience, the company operates routes using ferries and fast crafts in Europe, USA, Canada, Northern Africa, and the Middle East.

Its fleet ranges from water taxis to modern ferries and catamarans. FRS has focused its efforts on internationalization, transforming itself from a regional ferry operator to an active business group with branch offices spread throughout Europe, USA and Canada, Africa, and the Middle East, offering ferry services for vehicles and passengers, excursions, freight divisions, and even regional bus routes.

Who we are:

FRS Iberia has been present in Spain since 2000, starting its operations in the Strait of Gibraltar.

The routes we operate in Spain and Morocco are:

We are the only shipping company that operates all routes in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Since 2000, FRS Iberia and FRS Moroc have been offering fast ferry crossings all year round between Spain and Morocco through the Strait of Gibraltar.

The main FRS route is between Tarifa (Spain) and the Port of Tangier Ville (Morocco), which is the shortest sea route between both continents, with a journey time of less than one hour.

Since the summer of 2008, FRS also connects with a fast ferry Ceuta to Algeciras.

In addition, we have established new shipping lines connecting the Moroccan port of Tangier Med with the ports of Algeciras and Gibraltar.

Currently, FRS is the market leader in passenger and vehicle transportation in the Strait of Gibraltar.

In addition to our ferry crossings, we offer a variety of organized land excursions in and around Tangier Ville.

Each year, FRS Iberia transports 1.3 million passengers, 280,000 vehicles and more than 125,000 cargo units.

Where to find us

Our headquarters are located in C/La Línea de la Concepción, 3, 11380 Tarifa - Cádiz (España).

You can contact us at: +34 956 68 18 30 or at [email protected]


FRS Ferry

Our brands

FRS Cares

As one of the leading specialists in the field of ferry shipping, FRS has long been committed to the company's responsibility to proactively deal with current and future environmental and social challengues. Today, all CSR activities of the company are managed in the group-wide program "FRS Cares". The program's objective is to align business practices which are geared towards long-term and sustainable strategies and aim to reduce FRS' environmental footprint. "FRS Cares" is embedded into FRS' corporate strategy, work processes and corporate culture.


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FRS is now certified with My Care

We are the First Shipping Line to be awarded the My Care certification from DNV GL for managing the risk of infection in our facilities following the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Ceuta Jet ferry, which transports passengers and cargo along the Algeciras-Ceuta line, has already been granted the My Care certification. Likewise, the same protocols also apply to the three cargo ships that operate the Algeciras-Tanger Med route: Kattegat, Tanger Express and Miramar Express.

What does this certification mean?

This certification shows that we have implemented more comprehensive hygiene and safety protocols to avoid the risk of infections connected to the pandemic, in addition to preventing any other pathogens.

What is My Care?

The My Care certification is based on hospital standards and management systems for protecting people, guaranteeing processes of improvement and continuous supervision, which will be converted into a dynamic protocol to be adapted to all kinds of health and safety-related risks.

Complying with these strict protocols is essential for us at FRS, as we are responsible for our customers’ wellbeing.

My Care demonstrates and certifies that we have implemented the appropriate health and safety measures, such as:

Safety distance notices, temperature control, signage, supply of PPI, staff training and awareness, information monitoring, increased cleaning and disinfection in all areas, hygiene stations with hydroalcoholic gels, modified seating to maintain the safety distance, areas protected by screens for families or groups, contactless payment on board, and a movement circuit for maintaining the safety distance, among others.

Moreover, we have also digitalised the entire booking, purchasing and online check-in processes, thus avoiding unnecessary trips to the ticket booth, queues and crowds at the port. Our customers can now obtain their fixed-date ticket online and go straight to the ferry with their boarding pass.