Tangier Med Port

The Port of Tanger-Med is a deep-water port opened in 2007, and located on the slope of the Strait of Gibraltar, about 40 kilometres from the city of Tangier, in Oued Rmel, in northern Morocco. It is also very close to the Spanish city of Ceuta, just 20 kilometres away to be precise. Its strategic location, at the point on the Moroccan coast nearest to the Iberian Peninsula, makes it a key location on the maritime trade routes of Europe, the Americas, and naturally Africa.

About the Tangier Med Port

The port is a result of Morocco’s desire to build an enormous industrial port on the southern shore of the Strait as well as a logistical network involved in global trade, in order to become a real point of reference.

It started operations in July 2007 and the world’s leading shipping companies operate here. Passenger routes began operating in 2010.

As of today, it is still under construction, and the reason for this major project was to ease the load of cargo traffic from the Port of Tangier and expand its facilities.

A port of such size requires the very best services and thus, it boasts a restaurant area, shops and boutiques, free Wi-Fi, lounge areas and a children’s area.


How to get to the Tangier Med Ferry Terminal?

You can access the Tanger-Med Port via gate 2 that leads directly to the ferry terminal. You go through both immigration and customs control there. The port also has a shuttle service that will take you to the boarding area.

By car

You can either take the toll motorway or the coastal road. For instance, from Marrakesh, going through Casablanca and Rabat, the motorways to take are the A7, A3, A1 or A4; Tétouan-Tanger-Med, the N2 and lastly, Tangier-Tanger-Med, the A4.

Casablanca and Rabat are connected by the A3 motorway which runs from Kenitra and joins up with the A1 which goes through to Tangier. The A2 runs from Rabat to Fez. The A7 runs from Casablanca to the south, and for now, it goes through to Marrakesh. The A5 runs from Casablanca to Mohammedia and El Jadida, along the coast.

Toll motorways are in better condition, and there are emergency telephones, petrol stations and restaurants all along them.

By bus

There are approximately 40 kilometres between Tangier Ville and Tanger-Med. You can get there on the direct bus that departs from the Port of Tangier city and goes through to Tanger-Med. Departures are hourly.

By train

On a daily basis, there are eight trains that cover the Tangier-Tanger-Med route. It’s the most recommendable mode of transport simply because it’s the fastest. The train stops at the Port of Tanger-Med station which is about 3 kilometres from the port itself, but there is a free shuttle service that will take you to the ferry terminal. The trip lasts 10 minutes

By taxi

In order not to be tied down by timetables, many choose taxis to get around Morocco because it’s cheap and convenient. There are two types of taxi, “grand taxi”, which are old cars that take you wherever you want to go and the “petit taxi”, which can carry a maximum of 3 passengers and which do not generally travel between cities. A very important thing to remember is to haggle with the driver before getting in, to avoid any surprises.

Car parks

There are two public car parks in the port. One right at the vehicle entrance at gate 3, next to the recreational and food area, and the other next to the ferry terminal at gate 2.

FRS points of sale at the port

At the Tangier ferry terminal, there are two FRS ticket and information counters.

There are also two more point of sales at the entry to the port:

FRS TangerMed Port (Gare maritime)

Gare Maritime, port Tanger Med

FRS Tánger Med Port (Sasse)

Sasse Quatre Gare 3, Tanger Port Med