Port of Tarifa

In recent years, pedestrian and vehicle traffic from the Port of Tarifa to the Port of Tangier Ville has increased significantly. Traffic has reached 1.28 million passengers and over 300,000 vehicles according to the statistics published on the port’s own website. This has made it the third largest port of the Iberian Peninsula in terms of passenger traffic, only behind Algeciras and Barcelona.

About the Tarifa Port

Given the proximity to the city of Tangier and the improvement of its facilities, the Port of Tarifa is the perfect place to get to Morocco in no time. It is smaller than the Port of Algeciras, and therefore, a bit easier both in terms of getting to and getting around.

The passenger terminal has two floors and houses all services provided for passengers such as ticket sales, tourist information kiosks, restaurants, etc., as well as immigration and customs offices.

How to get to the Tarifa Ferry Terminal?

You’ve got several options if you want to get to Tarifa Ferry Terminal.

By car

The Port of Tarifa is in the southern part of the city and access is well signposted. You can get here via the N-340 from Algeciras and from Cadiz.

By bus

You can travel by bus to Tarifa from any part of Spain. You’ll find more direct connections from the main cities of the Province of Cadiz and from Seville. The Transportes Generales Comes company runs a direct service to and from Tarifa from the bus stop on Batalla del Salado Street.

In addition, at FRS, we offer a free shuttle service coordinated with the departures and arrivals of our ferries that connects the ports of Algeciras and Tarifa.

By train

The closest station is 20 km away in Algeciras and from there, you can board our free shuttle service or use another means of transport such as a taxi.

By plane

The airports closest to Tarifa are Malaga Airport, 152 km away, Jerez Airport, 131 km away and Gibraltar Airport, 42.6 km away.


Parking for cars only. Motorbikes and campers are not permitted. Bus boarding and deboarding is at the bus stop within the Port, (next to the recreational boats)

Tarifa - Algeciras Shuttle service

At FRS, we provide our customers with a free shuttle service that connects the ports of Tarifa and Algeciras, coordinated with the departures of ferries. You can find out about timetables when you purchase your ticket, by calling our information hotline on +34 956 68 18 30 or by sending an email to our email address at [email protected].

The trip takes approximately 30 minutes, and you need to show your ferry ticket when you get on.

FRS points of sale at the Port of Tarifa

At the Tarifa ferry terminal, there is an FRS ticket sales counter and information counter (Taquilla Estación Marítima de Tarifa, w/o number, 11380, Tarifa, Cádiz). You’ll also find the following point of sale in the town and in the surrounding area:

Estación Marítima S/N.

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz

Av. Andalucía Nº16

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz

Alcalde Juan Núñez Nº 2

CP.11380 Tarifa-Cádiz