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At FRS we are highly aware of our privileged position.

As a maritime company, FRS has a special interest in protecting our marine environment. FRS sees being rooted in our respective communities as highly important. We focus on supporting the people in these communities through donations or by promoting a variety of social projects. Our strength comes from supporting these communities through sponsorship and environmental partnerships.

Key commitments:

Donating to the DARNA Foundation

DARNA is an organisation that provides support to some of Morocco’s most vulnerable women and children.

DARNA means ‘home’ in Arabic.

The foundation’s mission is to provide a home, protection, education and to support those in need. We support the organisation and value the work it does, and the dedication involved.

20 Million Stories

In 2017, we gave €20,000 to our 20 millionth passenger.

This campaign was a simple way to show our gratitude and thank all of the passengers who have put their trust in FRS since 2000.

We put ourselves in our passengers' shoes by getting to know each of their individual stories and discovering their motivations for travel.

Official transport of Eurafrica Trail

For the fifth consecutive year, we have helped to make the Intercontinental Trail competition possible.

At FRS, we believe that together with hard work and continuous improvement we can make history.

FRS, in addition to being an official transport provider, also wanted to highlight its commitment to the competition through the FRS Team. The team has four brave members who take on the challenge of overcoming the tough terrain of the Eurafrica Trail.

Official transport of the African Film Festival

A series of educational and fun activities that help bring different cultures together.

As a company committed to cultural diversity, FRS supports this project which forms part of the ‘Programa de Promoción de la Igualdad de Trato y No Discriminación’ (Programme for the Promotion of Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination), which is also known as ‘Edu-Culturas’.

This festival takes place in Tarifa and Tangier.

Masterup UCA

We're supporting a commitment to Entrepreneurship, Initiative and Creativity!

Masterup is an Official Masters in ‘Business creation, new enterprises and innovative projects’ offered by the University of Cadiz.