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Travel with your Motorhome

Passengers regularly bring their caravans and motorhomes on our FRS ferries to cross the Strait of Gibraltar. Thanks to the trust caravan owners have placed in us over recent years and as a result of our experience, we have taken steps to further improve our service by creating a new department called "FRS Caravans". This department specialises in caravans and motorhomes so that, before, during and after crossings, these passengers have a whole range of commodities available to them and may take advantage of our offers.

FRS Caravans offers services such as:

  • Special prices and offers for groups
  • Personalised attention
  • Assistance throughout the booking process
  • Customer loyalty and welcome gift

For more information on our services and offers, please get in touch with FRS Caravans:

Telephone: +34 956 62 74 39

 Email: caravaningfrses

 Depending on the ship, There are diferents limitations in the height of your caravan.



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