Getaway to Chaouen 3 days, 2 nights

Discover the city of Chaouen with this 3 days, 2 nights getaway; departs from Tarifa.

From €230

Chaouen or Chefchauen is a city in north-western Morocco, located in the Rif Mountains, a two hour drive from Tangier (about 110 kilometres).

For many, this is the most beautiful city in Morocco. In fact, many of the photos used to promote this country portray corners of the city and its daily life. Its streets are narrow and its houses white and indigo, its people wear colourful garments and light shines on every corner. It is no surprise that it is a regular destination for artists from different disciplines searching for tranquillity and inspiration.

Chaouen is known as “The Pearl of the North” due to its sheer beauty and therefore, its inhabitants take care of it so it doesn’t lose its splendour. They usually paint their houses several times per year and they even decorate the streets. They do this to maintain the beauty of the city and light and to keep insects away. Each corner of the city is a piece of folk art.

For three days, you’ll have much to see and do. You can meander through its medina, which is quite peaceful compared to those of other cities, and stroll through the souk and watch artisans at work. You can also take it easy and watch the goings-on at the main square, Uta el-Hammam Square, or visit the Kasbah and its exquisite Andalusian gardens.

 It is also one of the best places in Morocco to buy local products. The craft industry is one of its main economic powerhouses and they continue to produce ceramics, fabric, lanterns, etc. with traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. It is said that the best artisans live in Chaouen, so don’t pass up the chance to buy a souvenir, and get ready to haggle.

What does the getaway include?

    • Fast Ferry Tarifa / Tangier / Tarifa
    • Tanger port transfers , hotel Chefchaouenand Tanger port.
    • 2 nights in bed Parador hotel 3 *and breakfast.
    • Travel Insurance Mapfre included.

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    Local time

    Depart from Tarifa Depart from Tangier
    17:00 18:00
    Travel insurance included

    All FRS tourist packages include MAPFRE travel insurance. 

    Other kinds of insurance we offer include:

    • Comprehensive travel insurance.  
    • Cancellation insurance. 

    Chaouen Gateway 3 days and 2 nights 1 PAX AD

    3 days and 2 nights 3*hotel: € 230 per person

    Optional packages

     You have the possibility of signing up for extra activities and nights

    Supplements Price per person/night
    Half pension € 23
    Single € 23
    Extra night € 59

    Specific conditions

    • Documents:Valid Passport required. Visa for citizens of countries which require this.
    • Children share a room with adults, maximum 2 children per room. In the event of requiring separate rooms, this shall be charged as an extra.
    • High season: July/August/September.
    • A group is deemed to be 15 pax or more.