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Passport, Visa and other Documents

On the following lines:

Ceuta - Algeciras

Motril - Melilla

Huelva – Canary Islands

For security reasons, you must show your identity document and your boarding card to go aboard the ship.

Go to Morocco

To enter Morocco, you need to have a passport or another valid document recognised by the Kingdom of Morocco as a travel document. Tourists who are exempt from visas may stay in Morocco for up to three months, and foreigners who require a visa may remain in the country for as long as their visa is valid. If you wish to extend your stay, you will need to go to the appropriate police station.

Another very important detail is that the passport must be valid for at least 3 months.


Citizens of certain countries do require a visa to enter Morocco. Check to see if you need a visa here. FRS accepts no liability for the rejection of passengers by the competent authorities. For further information, please contact the embassy or consulates of the Kingdom of Morocco. If this applies to you, travel documents must be accompanied by the visas issued by the Moroccan authorities.

Ficha blanca

In addition, a white card is required. Before disembarking in Moroccan ports you should complete a white police card to hand it along with your passport or travel document at the police control. This card is normally completed on board or you can complete it in advance. You may download the card here: 


Your passport along with the white card will be sealed by the Moroccan police on board at the immigration point. It is handed on board before treading on Moroccan soil. 

Exiting Morocco

Proceedings are easier when exiting Morocco. You will have to complete the passport control card, which in this case is yellow, and hand it at the passport control. The customs agent will seal your exit on your passport. 

Traveling to Ceuta

No passport will be required when traveling to Ceuta as you are visiting another Spanish city. For security purposes only the identity document and the boarding card are necessary to access the vessel.

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