Welcome to FRS Play

Want to watch a film during your crossing? Listen to music? Let the kids watch cartoons?

Presenting FRS PLAY

FRS Play is an entertainment app through which you can access a selection of films in various languages (Spanish, English and French) and across a range of genres, onboard and from any device. You can also enjoy series, documentaries and more, as well as listening to your favourite music.

Compatible with all devices.

Available on our Tarifa Jet and Levante Jet fast ferries.

How to use FRS Play - What do I need to do to enjoy the app?

Once onboard, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

1. Connect to our WiFi network: FRS_FREE_WIFI

2. The use of headphones is obligatory when using FRS Play

3. Download the app Azimut OD

If you would like to watch films on your computer, you will need to acess the following link from your browser: http://device.owndevice.net

We love having you on board.