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Travel with pets

Travel with Pets

FRS allows pets to be transported on board its ships.
If you are traveling with pets on one of our FRS ferries, there is very important information you should keep in mind. Of course pets are allowed, but there are some measures that must be taken:

Pets on the Huelva - Islas Canarias Line

If you are travelling on the Huelva - Canary Islands line with your pet, you should take the following into account:

  • Pet travel price: €3 per journey.  
  • It is compulsory to use an approved pet carrier.
  • You may NOT access the VIP cabins or seats with a pet. If you’ve booked either of these kinds of accommodation, you will need to leave your pet in the cages provided.
  • If a pet weighs 6 kg or less, it can travel with its owners within the authorised seating areas on the ship.
  • If a pet weighs more than 6 kg, it will need to travel in the cage area that we’ve provided for them on the deck or in the hold. These areas cannot be booked and are provided on a first-come-first-served basis when the ship arrives.
  • If your pet is travelling on the deck, there are no time restrictions for visits.
  • If your pet is travelling in the hold, visiting hours will be announced via the loudspeaker.
  • There will be a walkway provided on the deck.
  • Pets may stay inside a vehicle provided the owner agrees to sign a document which exempts the ferry company from liability for any problem with or harm to the animal.
  • There is no need to provide any special documentation for your pet (only an up-to-date vaccination card).

Cabins for Pets on the Motril - Melilla line

Pets are welcome on board with FRS!

We have cabins for companion animals, so that you and your most faithful friend can travel as comfortably as possible. To travel on the Motril - Melilla line with a pet, you should take the following into account:

  • Transporting your pet is free.
  • There is a walking area on the deck.
  • Pets can travel in the cabin with their owners.
  • If your pet is travelling in a cage, please note that there will be no restrictions on visiting times.

General conditions for travelling with your pet

Below we explain the general conditions that must be met on board all our vessels when travelling with your pet. These rules apply to all our routes:

  • Tarifa - Tangier Ville
  • Algeciras - Tanger-Med
  • Algeciras - Ceuta
  • Motril - Melilla
  • Motril – Tanger-Med
  • Huelva – Canary Islands

Pet - Carrier

You may transport pets in an animal carrier that can be securely closed, is solidly constructed and can be secured on the vessel. Animals must stay off the passenger deck during the journey.

Guide dogs

Registered guide dogs are always authorized to travel in the passenger areas.


If you are travelling with your dog, when embarking and disembarking you should always ensure that its leash and muzzle are properly secured. Other types of animal should be in a carrier or cage.

Legal requirements

It is the responsibility of the passenger who is travelling with pets to provide all documents necessary for embarking in the port of origin and disembarking in the destination port. To find out more about essential legal requirements, click here.

Animal welfare

Pet owners are responsible for their pet’s food/ water, as well as its general well-being.

Onboard accommodation

Pets that embark in their own carrier may travel in the passage facilities and common areas, as long as they weigh under 6 kg.

If the above is not complied with, this will lead to the company refusing to carry the pet in question on board. FRS may take legal action if the owner does not comply with this procedure during the trip.

Requirements for entry of pets into the Euopean Union

This video explains you all requirements of the EU to travel with pets.