Know FRS

The FRS Group is a leading German shipping company which transports passengers, vehicles and cargo (

With more than 75 years' experience, the company operates routes using ferries and fast crafts in Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East.

Its fleet ranges from water taxis to modern ferries and catamarans. For more than a decade, FRS has focused its efforts on internationalisation, transforming itself from a regional ferry operator to an active business group with 13 branch offices spread throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, offering ferry services for vehicles and passengers, excursions, freight divisions and even regional bus routes.

About us...

The FRS Group has been present in Spain since 2000, when it began operating the Strait of Gibraltar routes through the divisions FRS Iberia and FRS Maroc.

FRS is the only shipping company which operates all of the routes on the Strait of Gibraltar and Port of Motril.

- Tarifa -Tangier

- Algeciras - Tangier-Med

- Algeciras - Ceuta

-  Motril - Tangier MED


Moreover, 95% of its boats have arrived on time on the Algeciras - Ceuta route since it began connecting these two cities in 2008.

The rest of the routes link Algeciras and Tarifa with Tangier-Med and Tangier Ville respectively. Thanks to its presence on these routes and a modern fleet of fast ferries and Ro-Pax ferries, FRS is the leading company in transporting vehicles, passengers and cargo across the Strait of Gibraltar.

With more than 10 years of experience organising trips to Morocco, FRS takes you to the very best spots in the country, including Asilah, Chaouen and Tangier.And now Ceuta in 1 day for groups of more than 15 people.

Our travel agency, FRS Travel, specialises in organising tailored trips, excursions and tours, for which purpose it only works with the best tourist service providers in Morocco. Whatever the traveller is looking for, whether it be cuisine, adventure or relaxation, FRS Travel offers you a whole range of options, including getaways and tailored tours.

One of the most popular excursions is the Tangier cultural 1-day trip, which departs from Tarifa. The trip includes, amongst other things, return FRS ferry tickets, excursions with a local guide to the kasbah and souk and lunch at a typical Moroccan restaurant.

FRS Travel's tours of between two and four days to Asilah (on the coast) and to Chaouen (in the mountains) are very popular. In terms of tours which last between three and seven days, these may be tailored, with the option of trekking, and there is a range of 3-5 star hotels to choose from.