In July we start operating the Lines of Motril – Melilla and Huelva – Canary Islands

Tarifa, 23 May 2018. FRS will start operating the routes joining the ports of Motril with Melilla and Huelva with the Canary Islands from the beginning of July.

FRS will initially sail with the ships Volcán de Tauce (Motril-Melilla) and Volcán del Teide (Huelva-Canary Islands), part of the ARMAS shipping company fleet.  FRS will charter the ships, with the quality standards for which the shipping company is well-known in the Straits of Gibraltar.

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Information and bookings

For information and bookings you can contact with our Call Center: + 34 956 68 18 30 or bookingfrses

Clients want to travel on any of the 2 new routes (Motril - Melilla and Huelva – Canary Islands) from 1 July can make  their bookings on the ARMAS website.

Bookings made through the ARMAS website will be fully valid for travel with FRS on those lines.

For freight services:


Contact our Freight Department:

Fernando Santamaría

Telephone: +34 956 62 96 30 // +34 673 479 583




Motril - Melilla

Esta Línea conecta la Península Ibérica con la Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla con el buque Volcán del Tauce en una travesía de duración aproximada de cinco horas y media.