Things to see and do in Algeciras


Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, the point of separation between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Algeciras is a city in the province of Cadiz which is located in Campo de Gibraltar.

Due to its strategic location in Campo de Gibraltar, Algeciras has the seaport with the highest transit of goods in Spain, which is constantly growing and is also the main economic driver of the city.

It is a place that is very popular with citizens of Gibraltar as both destinations are connected by road, making Algeciras the gateway to and from Gibraltar.

Likewise, Algeciras is also a common destination for the people of Ceuta as there is a direct ferry connection, and it’s the main option to go from Ceuta to the Peninsula.

Below, we will show you the main attractions of Algeciras


Port of Algeciras Bay, one of the most important in Spain


Undoubtedly, the Port of Algeciras Bay is the biggest attraction of this city and it stands out as one of the most important in Spain.

One of the largest in Europe, the port of Algeciras is the leading Spanish port in terms of total cargo traffic and the first in the Mediterranean, and is currently ranked 25th in container transport worldwide and number 6 in Europe.

It moves a large amount of goods due to its excellent strategic location at the intersection of the intercontinental lines linking Northern Europe, Asia and America. Likewise, it has excellent connections with the entire Peninsula, Ceuta and Tangier Med.

In recent years there has been an increase in passengers and vehicles due to the Operation Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar (OPE).

Easily accessible, in addition to being used for commerce, it is also a sports, fishing and passenger bridge, which means that there is enormous activity every day.

In our opinion, it is one of the most interesting places to visit in Algeciras as it allows you to see different landscapes and take a walk through the historical port of the city.


María Cristina Park


Another place to visit in Algeciras is the María Cristina Park, one of the most popular and beautiful places in the city, very close to the Plaza Alta, which stands out for being the social center of the city and the place where some of the most iconic buildings are located, such as the Chapel of Europa or the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Palma, among others.

It is a large park full of beautiful gardens, which also has various playgrounds for children and sports, ideal for a walk and relaxing in an unbeatable environment.


Río de la Miel footpath


If you love nature and hiking, the Río de la Miel footpath is one of the places in Algeciras that you shouldn’t miss. It consists of a spectacular walk along the banks of the river Miel, which is very rich in both vegetation and cultural elements and, as you go along, you will find the ruins of irrigation channels, mills, cobblestone paths and even a medieval bridge.

This is an easy 50-minute trail, with a spectacular waterfall at the end, which will certainly have made the walk worthwhile.


Bahía Park


To end your trip, enjoy a day of family fun at Bahia Park, a spectacular water park for all ages, just 10 minutes drive from the center of Algeciras, ideal for fun and to cope with the high temperatures.

With all kinds of attractions, it comprises no less than 45,000 square meters, and is undoubtedly one of the main things to do while on vacation in Algeciras. And, in addition to attractions, we would like to tell you that it has the largest jacuzzi in Andalusia.


How to get to Algeciras?


FRS has two ferry lines that go to Algeciras from Ceuta and Tangier Med, with different daily crossings that will allow you to enjoy all the attractions of this city of Cádiz in a comfortable, quick and easy way.

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