What can you see and do in Ceuta?


Located in the Strait of Gibraltar and bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean, Ceuta is a Spanish city that is the gateway to Africa from Spain. Of great beauty, four different cultures coexist in this city: Christian, Jewish, Muslim and Hindu, which makes it culturally rich.

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With a wide range of things to do and places to visit, below we will show you what to see in Ceuta in order to help you plan your trip and design an itinerary with which you can see the main attractions of this city located in the Tingitana peninsula.


8 must-see places in Ceuta


1. Royal Ramparts 


One of the most essential things to see in Ceuta are the Royal Ramparts, considered the most beautiful and emblematic place in the whole city.

Ceuta is surrounded by imposing and beautiful walls that were built for defense purposes, one part in the year 962 and the other throughout the eighteenth century. Both are separated by the San Felipe moat.

Today the walls form the most iconic landscape of Ceuta, being declared of Cultural Interest. In short, a place that you absolutely have to visit.


2. Africa Square and Cathedral of the Assumption 


We continue the list of places to visit in Ceuta with the Africa Square, one of the most popular and visited places in the city, which is extolled as the nerve square center where much of daily life takes place.

Of great beauty, there is the Cathedral of the Assumption, built on an ancient mosque after the conquest by Portugal in 1415, as well as other buildings of interest such as the Monument to the Fallen, the City Hall or the Military Headquarters.


3. Arab Baths 


The Arab Baths are one of the places you have to visit in the city of Ceuta, as they are a great part of the Arab legacy that embellishes this city.

Located in the Plaza de la Paz, they consist of steam baths known as Hamman, which were formerly what we know today as a spa, and have a beautiful structure of about 30 square meters in which there is a cold room and a hot room.


4. House of the Dragons 


Another of the things to visit in Ceuta is the House of the Dragons, one of the most emblematic buildings in the city, located in the Plaza de los Reyes, next to the iconic Paseo del Revellín.

A building that is so named because it is covered by four dragon sculptures that are in charge of protecting it, maintaining a threatening posture.


5. Enjoy the beaches of Ceuta 


If the weather is good, one of the most important things to do in Ceuta is to relax on one of its many beaches as this city has a coastline of about 20 kilometers, which makes it an increasingly popular destination for summer vacations.

The most popular beach is El Chorrillo, which is located in the center of the city, although there are many others such as Tramaguera, Punta Blanca, San Amaro, Santa Catalina or La Ribera that will definitely impress you.


6. Visit the Island of Perejil 


If you have time, one of the best things to see around Ceuta is the Island of Perejil (Parsley), which will let you enjoy a most pleasant and rewarding excursion.

Belonging to Ceuta, Perejil Island is located in the Strait of Gibraltar, being separated from Africa by only 200 meters. A very small island that was a former refuge of pirates, and today has two spectacular coves known as the coves of the King and Queen.

You will also be able to admire the ruins of a tower and a water reservoir, which bear witness to the time of the Portuguese conquest.


 7. Mediterranean Marine Park 


An unmissable visit is the Mediterranean Marine Park, an idyllic place in the heart of the city, consisting of 56,000 square meters of spectacular blue saltwater lakes, and cascading waterfalls, with a spectacular solarium surrounded by beautiful palm trees.

Located next to the port of Ceuta, it is easily recognizable with a line of palm trees outlining the urban center of the city. Designed by the artist César Manrique, it was conceived as a transposition to Ceuta of the Martiánez Lake in Tenerife, simulating the construction of the Monumental Complex of the Royal Ramparts.

The bath, solarium and sunbeds can only be booked during the summer season, although the park can be visited any day of the year.


8. Mount Musa 


Finally, we complete the list of things to do in Ceuta with a visit to Mount Musa, which is located in Benzú and borders Morocco, being better known as the mountain of the "Dead Woman".

It is a promontory more than 800 meters high, considered one of the two Pillars of Hercules, together with the Rock of Gibraltar.

Although there are many other places to visit, these are the top 8 things to see in Ceuta during your trip. If you don't have transport yet, get your ferry ticket with FRS. In just an hour and a half you will be in this Spanish paradise in North Africa.