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Excursions from Tarifa to Morocco

Morocco is very close to the Peninsula, and can even be seen from the emblematic Bolonia beach in Tarifa. And, at FRS we offer you the opportunity to visit it, know it and enjoy it with the excursions from Tarifa to Morocco that we have available. If you're near Tarifa, do not miss this opportunity.


Located in North Africa, Morocco is a country with a rich and varied culture, a great history, an impressive architecture and an endless number of places to visit, which attracts all kinds of travelers. And from FRS we bring it within your reach with our excursions to Morocco from Tarifa.


If you want to know the highlights of Morocco, its customs, smells and unique atmosphere, take a trip to Morocco from Tarifa with FRS. A unique experience.

The trip to Tangier will not take place on the following days:
  • 24 December 2022
  • 25 December 2022
  • 31 December 2022
  • 1 January 2023


One day to visit Morocco economically.

Tangier one-day Cultural Excursion

Do not miss ALL THE SIGHTS in Tangier.

Includes ferry, all transfers, guide and typical lunch. Daily departures from Tarifa. 

Price: € 89.90 / Adult

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Tangier Cultural 1 day

Escapes to Morocco from Tarifa with FRS: Everything you need to know


Due to its many attractions and its proximity to the Peninsula, Morocco is one of the most popular destinations among our travelers, and FRS organizes daily excursions from Tarifa to Morocco, which are the best option for those who want to know the essential places in the north of Morocco.

All excursions include ferry tickets Tarifa–Morocco, transfers during the day, a guide and a typical Moroccan lunch.


Discover the city of Tangier with the Tarifa–Morocco excursions of FRS


FRS will take you from the Port of Tarifa to the Port of Tangier Ville, which is the shortest route between Spain and Morocco, with a crossing of approximately one hour.

Upon arrival in Tangier you will be met by a guide who will show you the most interesting places in Tangier, telling you all the curiosities you should know. You will visit places like Cape Espartel, the Sultan's Palace, the caves of Hercules and stroll through the Kasbah, the Medina and the souk, where you will have free time. In addition, you will enjoy spectacular 360º panoramic views of the city.


During the excursion you will enjoy a delicious typical Moroccan lunch included, where you can taste the most emblematic dishes of Moroccan gastronomy in a unique environment, such as Harira soup, couscous, beef and lamb skewers, as well as tea and Moorish pastries.

*On Tuesdays and public holidays the Sultan's Palace is closed, so we will visit the Borg Dar Baroud museum.


The excursion includes the ferry Tarifa – Tangier Ville, so you don't have to worry about getting your ticket. We make daily departures from Tarifa at 11 am, with return ferry at 6 pm. We recommend you to check with us for possible changes.

Tarifa Morocco getaways also include Caser Travel Accident Insurance.

Take advantage of the benefits of the trips to Morocco from Tarifa with FRS and visit Tangier at the best price. And, if you have any questions or need more information, you can contact us via WhatsApp, phone or email.


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