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Asilah 1 Day Trip

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Visit the city of Asilah with this complete package including ferry, transfers and a traditional lunch. Asilah is one of the most tourist-oriented cities in northern Morocco because it is filled with history due to its mix of cultures, the beauty of its walls, its endless pristine beaches, and of course due to the hospitality of its people. Many choose it as a holiday spot to unwind and roam its streets.

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The day trip to Asilah leaves from Tarifa where you’ll depart on an FRS ferry that will take you to the port of Tangier Ville. There, you will meet the guide who will accompany you to Asilah by road, 45 kilometres south of Tangier.

Once in Asilah, you will be able to discover its splendour and things to do for yourself. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of the walled medina and regale in the nooks and crannies that bespeak the former Portuguese occupation of the city. Also, take the opportunity to go into Moroccan craft shops on its streets and take home a unique souvenir from your visit.

The day trip includes a lunch where you will be able to try fresh fish caught off the Moroccan coast, seasoned with its rich spices and traditional recipes.

Finally, you will return to the Port of Tangier to board the return ferry to Tarifa.


Don’t give it too much thought and book this day excursion to Asilah from Tarifa with an unbeatable price from € 72  per person.

Useful information about the day trip

  •   The approximate duration of the day trip is 7 hours, including both ferry crossings.

  • To travel with only your Spanish ID, get in touch with our call centre on +34 956 68 18 30 or at [email protected]
  • Customs check: during the ferry crossing, on the boat itself you need to go to the police counter to get your passport stamped and hand in the completed yellow and white sheets we will provide you with.
  • There is a FREE FRS bus service that connects the ports of Algeciras and Tarifa.



Departures on Saturdays

Approximate duration: 7 hours (including crossings and transfers on motorway).

 Departure from Tarifa at 09:00 am (return from Tangier Ville 7:00pm). All times are local.