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Getaway: 3 Day Trip in Tangier Morocco from Spain

From € 105.90

Visit and experience Tangier for two days with this 3 days/2 nights getaway.

  • Three Day Trip in Tangier Morocco from Spain
  • Escapada de 2 días a Tánger desde Tarifa. Reserva ya - FRS Iberia


Tangier is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city considered to be the capital of northern Morocco. It is also a major business centre and the gateway to the African continent.

Many choose it because of its proximity to Europe, as a jumping off point to see the country. However, the city itself has enormous charm. Its streets, its medina, its souks, its city walls, its restaurants, its neighbourhoods, and of course, its people, will make visiting Tangier a truly unforgettable experience.

It is a perfect place for shopping, especially for local Moroccan products at a very good price and beauty products. It is also a perfect place to try the best Moroccan and international cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture, aromas and colours that permeate every corner.

FRS Travel has prepared this getaway so you can experience Tangier in two days with the best deals. The package includes round trip fast ferry tickets from Tarifa, transfer from the Port of Tangier Ville to your selected hotel, hotel stay for two nights with the package you chose and pickup for return to the port.

The price is unbeatable and the selected hotels have a flawless price/quality ratio. Choose the hotel that best suits your tastes and needs, and spend two dream days in Tangier.

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Daily departures. Ferry schedule of your choice, depending on availability. 

Travel insurance included

All FRS tourist packages include MAPFRE travel insurance. 

Other kinds of insurance we offer include:

  • Comprehensive travel insurance. 
  • Cancellation insurance.

Optional packages

Possibility of signing up for extra activities and nights. 

Suppléments Prix par personne/nuit
Demi-pension 24.90 €
Single 46.90 €
Nuit supplémentaire 27 €
Exc Basic 30 €
Ex Culturel 35.90 €

Specific conditions

  • Price per adult €105 // price per child € 100
  • Documents:Valid Passport required. Visa for citizens of countries which require this.
  • Children share a room with adults, maximum 2 children per room. In the event of requiring separate rooms, this shall be charged as an extra. High season: July/August/September.
  • A group is deemed to be 15 pax or more.