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Huelva- Canary Islands

Line temporarily operated by the Tamadaba ship

While the Tamadaba ship operates the line, the schedule will be as follows:


  •     Departure from Las Palmas Thursday 7.00am - Arrival to Tenerife Thursday 9.45am
  •     Departure from Tenerife Thursday 11.00am - Arrival to Huelva Friday 22.00pm
  •     Departure from Huelva Saturday 12.30pm - Arrival to Las Palmas Sunday 11.30pm
  •     Departure from Las Palmas, Sunday 23.30pm - Arrival to Tenerife Monday 2.00am


With transfer:


  •     Departure from Las Palmas, Sunday 23.50pm - Arrival to Arrecife Monday 6.00am

Ferry from Huelva to the Canary Islands

All meals free travelling in a cabin*

Starting now, meals are free (with free beverages) for all passengers who are staying in a cabin, no matter what type of cabin it is.

Customers traveling in a cabin can receive the following services during meals:


  • Coffe, water or tea
  • Cobination platter
  • 1 pastry

Lunches and dinners

  • Salad or soup
  • Combination platter
  • Dessert
  • Bread

You can use the cabin discount up to 5 times throughout the voyage.

Important: You must take the voucher with you, do not leave it in your car.

Maximum of five meals per person and voyage. Valid for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Drinks included.

On board services

121 Cabins

The most comfortable way to travel, cabins for two or four people, with TV.


Enjoy our food on board.

Entertainment on board

For adults and for the little ones, with a wide range of activities

Outdoor pool

Dive in and relax in our pool.


To chill and have a chat. A world of relaxation.


Just like a cruise. 


Enjoy a snack, a sandwich or something from our bakery on board.

Free Wifi

Stay in touch with your people.

Play area for children

They can play to their hearts’ content in our ball pond.


For the sun lovers...

Traveling with Pets

If you are traveling with your pet, keep the following in mind:

  • Price for the pet: € 3 one way.  
  • If your pet's weight is less than or equal to 6 kg, it can travel in a normal seat inside an approved pet carrier.
  • If your pet's weight is greater than 6 kg, it must travel in one of the pens available on deck and in the garage (you can choose, subject to availability).
  • On the deck, there is a walking area where you can take your pet for a walk.

If you require further information, please contact our call center at + 34 956 68 18 30 or send a message through the contact form at the following link.


Canary Islands - Huelva

Departure/Port Day/Hour Arrival/Port Day/Hour
Tenerife Thursday 06.00am Las Palmas Thursday 8.45am
Las Palmas Thursday 09.30am Arrecife Thursday 03:00pm
Arrecife Thursday 03:30pm Huelva Friday 08:00pm

Huelva - Canary Islands

Departure/Port Day/Hour Arrival/Port Day/Hour
Huelva Saturday 12.30pm Arrecife Sunday 3.00pm
Arrecife Sunday 03.30pm Las Palmas Sunday 8.45pm
Las Palmas Sunday 10.00pm Tenerife Monday 00.55am

*Timetables subject to change without previous notice

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