Car Ferry to Morocco

If you would like to discover Morocco with your own car, you can easily take it on our FRS ferries. This way your holidays will be more flexible and free.

Regarding the procedures to cross the border with your vehicle, there are no taxes to be paid when you are on holiday and you will be leaving the country in the same car. However, you still need to fill in a form related to the vehicle importing regime, called the AT (Admission Temporaire, or Temporary Admission).

You must hand these documents to the border agent:
  • The car's grey card / Vehicle registration certificate
  • If the car is not yours, a (duly legalized) declaration from the car's owner, stating that you have borrowed the car with their consent.
  • If the car is rented, you must provide the rental contract specifying that you can take the car out of the country (in particular, to Morocco).
  • Car insurance policy, including coverage in Moroccan territory (International Insurance Certificate, more commonly known as Green Card).
  • Driving license.