Frequently asked questions

Information on our products and services

General information

We are a ferry company that offers a transport service on these lines between Spain and Morocco:

We have been operating across the Strait since the year 2000, and we were the first ferry company to connect Europe and Africa in about one hour, on the Tarifa-Tangier line.

We have an 8 vessel fleet.

We also have a travel agency specialised in the organising of day trips and short breaks in Morocco, working alongside the best tourist service providers in Morocco.

Since 2010, FRS has offered freight operations, with personalised attention for our clients. 

What services do we offer?

We have fast ferry, freight and passenger ferry and long distance ferry services, and our vessels have cabins and entertainment on board.

We also do group tickets, organised trips, hotels, personalised services, short breaks in Morocco and a wide range of options and possibilities for your trip.

We also have a ferry service for rallies and for the caravaning sector.

Where can I find all the information?

Any information needed can be found on our website.

And if you need more information, you can also get in touch with our Call Centre (+34 956 68 18 30) where they’ll give you all the information you may need.

Bookings and purchases

How to book

You can book via our website, our app (available for iOs and Android), by e-mail: bookingfrses or by calling  +34 956 68 18 30.

You can also book your tickets at the official FRS Points of Sale.

Is it essential to book in advance?

We recommend you book in advance to ensure your place on the ship.



Booking changes or cancellations, returning or loss of tickets

For the Tarifa–Tangier Ville, Algeciras–Tangier Med, Ceuta–Algeciras lines

Returning your ticket: your ticket can be returned if it complies with the following conditions:

For CERRADO tickets*:

  1. These can be returned, but the request must be made at least, 48 hours before the estimated departure of the vessel. There will be a 10% deduction from their cost.
  2. The deduction will be 20% of the cost should the request be made between 48 and 2hs before the departure of the vessel.
  3. Any tickets presented for their annulment after the periods stated in paragraphs 1 and 2 will not be reimbursed.

For OPEN tickets*:

  1. Any valid OPEN ticket (for one year from the date of purchase) will be reimbursed, upon request, at 90% of its cost.
  2. The passenger may, at any time and depending on the availability of seats, change their departure at no extra expense, they only need to request the change no less than two (2) hours prior to the original departure time. The new seat must be in the same or superior class as the original one, and any difference in price must be paid. If the change of date is not requested at the official FRS box office, by e-mail or by phone within the two (2) hour period before the departure, the ticket will only be valid for the original date and time.
  3. Any reimbursements will be made to the passenger or anyone duly representing them, by the issuing Agency.

* CERRADO ticket: a ticket with set dates for the route. OPEN ticket: those tickets where the return is not set in terms of date or route.

No charge will be made for those bookings made through the website or the APP.

For the Huelva-Canary Islands and Motril-Melila lines

The ticket is valid for a year and you may change your dates at no extra expense.

Cancellation expenses:

  • For cancellations done on the booking’s date of departure and later days, a 25% deduction on the cost of the ticket will apply.
  • For cancellations up to three (3) days prior to the date of departure, a 15% deduction on the cost of the ticket will apply.
  • For cancellations made earlier than three days before the departure date, no charges will apply.

Changes: Any changes you may want to make to a booking, can be done by contacting our Call Centre (+34 956 68 18 30), at our offices or in any of our box offices. To cancel a ticket you need to proceed in the same way.

Loss of tickets: If, for any reason, a ticket has got lost or been stolen, it is unfortunately irreplaceable, so in order to travel again it will be necessary to purchase another ticket.

FRS cannot be held responsible for the loss of a ticket or boarding pass.

Where can I find my booking number?

If the booking has been made on the phone, our operators will give you a booking number, and they will also send you a confirmation e-mail with the said number.

If the booking was made through the website, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail with the said number.

For booking made through the APP, the booking number can be found in the “My Bookings” section of the menu.

That number is the identification code for any changes, cancellations or for collecting boarding passes.

Is it possible to pay in Dirhams and in Euros?

If you book your tickets on our website or the APP, you can make the payment in either currency, Euros or Dirhams.

Bookings made through any of our Points of Sale in Spain, must be paid for in Euros

Any purchase or consumption made on board can only be paid for in euros.

If you book your tickets at any of our Points of Sale in Morocco, you must pay for them in Dirhams.



Can I pay by credit/debit card?

Yes, at our official Points of Sale, on our website, through the APP or through our booking centre (+34 956 68 18 30).



Pre-payment of booking

In order to make things quicker you can pay in advance through bank transfer or by giving us your credit card details. 

When you book your ticket by phone or by e-mail, you must pay the full amount of the ticket at the time of booking, either by bank transfer or by credit card.

When you book online via our website, it is mandatory that the payment be carried out in advance.

Ticket validity (open ticket or ticket with set dates)

Tickets are valid for one yearfrom the date they are issued.

Passengers with OPEN tickets must choose the return date beforehand in order to ensure boarding at the chosen time.

Is it possible to use the same ticket on different routes?

Yes,in case of you travel in these routes: Tarifa - Tanger Ville , Algeciras - Tanger Med y Ceuta - Algeciras.

If you wish to change your ticket to a different route you just need to go to one of our desks to make the change and pay or receive a refund for the difference if the price is different.

Oui, dans le cas des routes du détroit de Gibraltar: Tarifa - Ville de Tanger, Algésiras - Tanger Med et Ceuta - Algésiras

You must be at the port’s box office no less than 90 minutes before the departure time.



Special discounts for groups and other offers

We have special discounts for groups and companies travelling with us. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our call centre to take advantage of the best deal available. You can email us at bookingfrses or call us on +34 956 68 18 30.

Your trip

Boarding passes

You can collect your boarding passes at any of our official sales points.

Boarding procedure

Once you have collected your boarding passes you must go to the police control in order to board the ship.

When you travel from Spain to Morocco, on the Tarifa - Tangier Ville and Algeciras - Tangier Med lines, you will need to go to the Spanish passport Control point first. Once on board, you will have to go to the Moroccan Police Control point, where you will need to show your passport to be stamped, along with a filled-in white form that you will have received when buying your tickets.

The yellow form needs to be submitted in the Moroccan Passport Control at the border, before you sail back from Morocco.

When you go for a day trip in Tangier, you can travel with just your ID card if you are a EU citizen, but you need to contact FRS Booking Department in advance (+ 34 956 68 18 30).

If you travel with a vehicle, you must go through the car control in our departure ports to get to the boarding area. Then you will have to go to the relevant police control. Once on board, passengers must comply with the aforementioned procedure when travelling to or from Morocco. For the vehicle, you must submit the filled-in D16ter form at the customs control. Click here to get a copy:

Forms for going in and out of Morocco

The passenger control forms can be obtained at our Points of Sale, the white form (for going into Morocco) and the yellow form (for leaving Morocco). Both should be properly filled in and submitted to the authorities, who will be on board when going into Morocco and this procedure can be done during the crossing, and when leaving the country, the forms should be submitted at the police control located in the Terminal at the relevant port.

The passenger control forms must be submitted along with the passengers’ passports.

Travel documentation

You need your ID card when travelling on the Motril- Melilla, Ceuta- Algeciras and Huelva - Canary Islands lines. In addition to this, if you happen to be a resident or you can benefit from any resident, large family, military, Guardia Civil or any other discounts, you must show the documents that proves it in order to get your discount.

When travelling to Morocco, you must have a passport. For passengers from certain countries, a visa might also be needed, which should be obtained at the country’s consulate.

When you take a guided day trip to Tangier, there are exceptions to this rule for EU citizens, who can travel with just an ID card, please ask our Call Centre (bookingfrses) or +34 956 68 18 30).


If you travel to Morocco, the official currency is the Dirham. You can exchange currency both at the Tangier Port and in the city.



Introduction into the EU of products of animal origin.

If you bring meat or dairy products from outside the EU, you may be importing animal diseases.

You must present the products at official control points. Otherwise, you may be fined or face criminal prosecution.

The introduction into the EU of products of animal origin is subject to strict procedures and veterinary checks.

Travelling with a Vehicle

If you travel to Spain, you need to show your circulation permit and insurance.

If you travel to or from Morocco, you need to show the circulation permit and insurance, as well as the insurance’s green card.

You will also need to fill in this form to go enter and to leave Morocco:

Travelling with children

If you travel in Spain, the child must have an ID card.

If you travel to Morocco: The child must have a passport. Only in the case of the guided day trip to Tangier may the child travel with just an ID card, but this will have to be cleared with FRS first.

For those minors who travel without their parents, the Spanish Police will issue a document where the parents authorise the said minor to travel without them. This document must be requested at the police station before the departure date.

Travelling with pets across the Strait of Gibraltar and in the Motril-Melilla line

The transport of pets must be carried out in the designated area within the vessel, and always in a suitable container (provided by the passenger). Animals cannot go into cabins. If the passenger travels with a vehicle, the animal may stay inside their own vehicle in the hold. The owners are in charge of providing food/water and of the general well-being of their pets.

The passenger must inform the company about their wish or need to travel with a pet at the time of purchasing or booking the ticket and never less than four (4) hours prior to the estimated time of departure. FRS will then let the passenger know if this is feasible.

Registered guide dogs are the only animals authorised to travel in the passenger’s cabin. When on board, they must always wear a muzzle, short lead and collar, and they must stay beside their owner.

The passenger must find out in advance about any requirements regarding travelling with pets and the documents required to do so. We recommend that those interested in travelling with their pets be aware of the Spanish and Moroccan requirements for the admission of pets.

Pets on the Huelva - Canary Islands line

If you are travelling with your pet, please take the following information into account:

  • Pets weighing 6 kg or less may travel in the simple seats area inside a suitable container.
  • Pets over 6kg must travel in the cages available on deck or in the garage (you can choose, depending on availability).
  • On the deck there is a designated dog walking area.

For more information, please contact our Call Centre: + 34 956 68 18 30



Travelling with luggage

Passengers have the right to take their luggage on board free of charge, this being taken to mean clothing and personal belongings necessary for the use and comfort of passengers during their trip. No liability will be accepted for any passenger belongings which have not been entrusted to the Captain for their safekeeping. Goods resulting from illegal trade and/or dangerous items are not permitted on board.

Reduced mobility

If the individual with reduced mobility has a disability, he/she must communicate this upon arrival at the port and FRS staff will organise their transfer onto the boat. Moreover, we have lifts/hoists to get to and from the hold and passenger area.

How to get to the Port of Tarifa

By car

The port of Tarifa is located in the southern part of the city and access is well sign-posted. You may arrive via the N-340 from Algeciras or Cádiz.

By bus

You may travel to Tarifa by coach from anywhere in Spain. There are more direct connections from the major cities in the Province of Cádiz and from Seville. The company Transportes Generales Comez offers direct routes to and from Tarifa, these departing and arriving at the stop on Calle Batalla del Salado.

Also, at FRS we offer a free bus / shuttle service coordinated with the departures and arrivals of our ferries which connects the ports of Algeciras and Tarifa.

By train

The nearest train station is 20 km away in Algeciras. Here, you can board our free bus service or use another mode of transport, such as a taxi.

By plane

The closest airports to Tarifa are Malaga Airport, 152 km away, Jerez Airport, 131 km away, and Gibraltar Airport, 42.6 km away.

How to get to the Port of Algeciras

By car

As you are arriving into Algeciras from Malaga or Jerez, you will cross over a river and after that you will see signs telling you how to get to the port. Keep to the left and go through the tunnel. Continue on your left and you will come directly to the port entrance. Once you've gone through the security inspection point at the entrance, continue over the bridge and you'll see the terminal on your left. Everything is very well signposted, whether you are travelling to Ceuta or Tangier.

By bus

Algeciras bus station has various daily departures to various cities in Andalusia, such as Cádiz, Seville and Malaga, as well as to some nearby European cities. The duration of the journey to the port is around 20 minutes by foot. There is also a taxi rank just by the entrance.

Some bus companies stop at the port of Algeciras so that passengers don't have to make their own way there. Enquire as to whether your company offers this service.

By train

With Renfe (Spain's national rail company) you can travel to and from any town or city in Spain from Algeciras train station. The train station is right in the city centre, a few minutes away by foot from the bus station and port. It is around 800 metres from the port. There is also a taxi rank right at the entrance.

By plane

The airports closest to Algeciras are Gibraltar North Front (15 km away), Jerez Airport (100 km away) and Malaga Airport (120 km away).

How to get to the Port of Ceuta

By car

You can access the port of Ceuta via the N352. Once you are in the city, follow the directions to the port. It is 5 minutes away by car from the centre and 4 kilometres from the border with Morocco.

By taxi

The company Radio Taxi is located on Alfau dock. The company's contact number is +34 956 515 406. There are several taxi ranks both at key locations throughout the city, as well as in the port itself. There is also a taxi rank at the border. If you don't fancy walking, this is your best option.

Passenger rights

Your rights as a passenger include the following:

- The right to be informed.

- The right to assistance in the event of cancellation or delayed departure (more than 30 minutes).

- The right to alternative transport or a refund in the event of cancellation or delayed departure (more than 30 minutes).

- The right to compensation in certain circumstances, in the event of delayed arrival.

- The right to file a claim.

- The right to travel in the same conditions as other passengers if you are disabled and/or suffer reduced mobility.

On board

Boutique Duty free

All our ships have a Duty-free shop where you will find a large range of high-end cosmetic products, perfumes, alcohol, cigarettes, various types of chocolate, accessories, souvenirs, general items etc.

On board shopping limitations

The maximum amounts that can be purchased, per adult and product, are the following:

  • 1 litre of alcohol over 22º
  • 2 litres of alcohol under 22º
  • 1 perfume (50 ml)
  • 1 eau de cologne (250 ml)
On board bar/cafeteria

All our vessels have a bar/cafeteria service as well as catering service for their passengers.

The Huelva - Canary Islands line has, additionally, a restaurant.




If you have special requirements in terms of the restaurant service for a specific group, all you need to do is contact our call center beforehand ([email protected] or +34 956 68 18 30) and let us know what you need. We will be more than happy to meet your needs and can prepare a tailored menu for you.

Currency to pay with in the vessels and credit cards

The only currency accepted on board is Euros, in cash or by card.

Premium class

You can travel in Premium Class on the Ceuta-Algeciras line, on the Tarifa - Tangier Ville, when travelling in our Algeciras Jet ship, and on the Algeciras - Tangier Med line, in the Kategatt ship.

The price for accessing Premium Class is 8 euros per person. On the Ceuta-Algeciras line, the price of the Premium Class is 4 euros for residents.

You can request your Premium Class seat when you get on board.

Our Fleet

We have three high speed vessels

  • HSC “Tarifa Jet”
  • HSC“Ceuta Jet”
  • HSC “Algeciras Jet”

Four RoRo-Pax vessels

  • Tanger Express
  • Kattegat
  • Volcán de Tauce
  • Volcán del Teide

1 RO-RO vessel

·         Miramar Express

You can find a short description in the Our Vessels section.






We have package deals organised for this city: Tell us what you'd like to do in Ceuta and we'll prepare a quote to suit your needs.

You can enter Morocco from Ceuta: With a valid passport you can cross the border from Ceuta into Morocco.

What is the distance between Ceuta and the Moroccan border? By car it takes approximately 10 minutes (7 kilometres).

How can I get to the border from the port of Ceuta? There are two taxi companies: Radio Taxis in Ceuta - Tel.: +34 956 51 54 06 and Autotaxis Ceuta-Tel. +34 956 20 00 08 or you can also go by local bus.



Arriving from Algeciras: We have a free bus service that takes you from the port of Algeciras to the port of Tarifa to board our ships. It leaves Algeciras one hour before the scheduled departure of the boat from Tarifa and the same service is available in the opposite direction to take you back to the port of Algeciras when our ferry disembarks in Tarifa.

Parking: The places where you can park your vehicle in Tarifa are as follows: at the port, at Parking San Sebastián, located approximately 550 metres from the port and at Parking del Retiro, located approximately 700 metres away.

Location of the port of Tarifa:

The port of Tarifa is very easy to find, whether you're coming from Algeciras or from Cádiz. It is on Calle Alcalde Juan Núñez.

GPS coordinates:

36° 0' 40.32"

5° 36' 11.7102"



Arriving from Tarifa: We have a free bus service that will take you from the port of Tarifa to the port of Algeciras when our ferry disembarks in Tarifa.

Parking in the port of Algeciras: You can park in the port which has a large area where you can leave your vehicle.

Location of the port of Algeciras:

GPS coordinates:


5° 447698 ´´


Tánger Ville

Taxis: Once you've passed through customs, you will see 2 types of taxi on your left as you leave the terminal, "petit taxis" (blue) for moving around the city and "grands taxis" (normally beige and Mercedes Benz) for moving within and outside the city.

Left luggage: The port of Tangier Ville has no left luggage service but approximately 100 metres away there is a left luggage facility where you can leave your luggage.

Bureaux de change: in the port of Tangier there are several different bureaux de change.

Tánger Med

Directions from Tanger-Med to Tangier Ville:

If you have to take a boat to another port which was not the one you originally chose between these two, there is a free bus service from Tanger-Med to Tangier city and vice versa, run by the authorities. If you prefer to arrange your own transport there are taxi services.

What is the distance between Tanger-Med and Tangier Ville?

There is a distance of 60 km between Tanger-Med and Tangier Ville.


On what days are there departures from Gibraltar? We have departures from Gibraltar once a week, normally on a Friday.

What port does the ferry disembark in when it departs from Gibraltar? From Gibraltar the destination port is Tanger-Med on Fridays and the port of Algeciras on Sundays.

Distance from Gibraltar to Tarifa: 44 km.

Distance from Gibraltar to Algeciras: 24 km.

Duration of the Gibraltar-Tanger-Med crossing: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Where to buy tickets for Tangier: You can purchase your tickets at the travel agency Turner & Co, which is on Calle 67, Irish Town.

Excursions to Morocco:

In the following link you will find all the information regarding the various types of excursions, day trips, etc. that we offer to visit Morocco, ranging from a day trip in Tangier to 7 day trips.

After travelling with us

Requesting your invoice

You may request an invoice by getting in touch with our invoicing department at the following email address: [email protected] Please be sure to give us your tax information or provide us with the reference number so we may issue the invoice.

Lost property:

Please contact our booking and information centre at [email protected] or on +34 956 68 18 30 to ask about lost property; if we find your item(s) we will do our best to get it/them back to you.

Complaints and suggestions:

If you have any complaints or suggestions you can contact our quality assurance department ([email protected]). We will be very grateful for your comments, both negative so we can make improvements and positive so we can maintain our standards.