Your Ferry To Morocco

Lve your advenure Rally in Morocco!

Do you love adventure?

Explore Morocco, discover the remotest parts of the country and live the experience. Judge for yourself, rivers of sand, tracks, dunes, deserts, cliffs and other spectacular images.

You can enjoy it and you’ll see Berber and Khaimas villages in the middle of the desert, going along endless tracks and large dunes. Get to know the most emblematic places in the country, in which you and your vehicle will enjoy yourselves as never before.

FRS Rally includes the ferry service at all ports in which we operate. We are leaders in maritime transport of passengers and vehicles in the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain) and we have more than 15 years of experience.

We give you the chance to live through one of the best experiences of your life with your vehicle!

At FRS Rally we think that the Rally sector deserves special attention and that’s why we offer you personalized service.

Don’t wait! Contact the Rally department to find out about special offers and services, as well as personalized travel

What offers you FRS Rally ?

  • Special group rates and deals
  • A personalised service
  • Specialised services for large rallies
  • Assisting with customs checks in the booking and formalities


We also arrange customised trips

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