FRS Travel App

With the FRS Travel App, you can book your ferry wherever and whenever you like. 

Furthermore, if you save your personal details on your FRS account, you can then use them for all future trips. It’s flexible and very easy to use, and is particularly helpful to those people who travel regularly.

Some of its unique features:

  • Quick and easy booking
  • Online Check-in
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Availability, prices and departure times
  • Track your ferry in real time
  • Even faster bookings with your FRS account 

Relevant information about the functionalities of the APP

FRS account:

With the FRS account, you can save your details for future bookings.

Choose currency:

For lines between Morocco and Spain, you can pay for your ferry using either euros or dirhams.

My trips:

You can view all of your previous or upcoming trips, so you will never miss a thing.


Track your ferry in real time. You can see your ferry’s location and monitor its progress.


The app is available in Spanish, English, French and German. You can select a language from the menu.