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Book your ferry for Ceuta - Algeciras

For the selected route there are currently no booking dates available.

Book your ferry for Ceuta - Algeciras

Book your ferry for Ceuta - Algeciras

Book your ferry for Ceuta - Algeciras

Ceuta - Algeciras Ferry

At FRS, we’ve recently added the Levante Jet fast ferry to our fleet to revolutionise travel and offer you more comfort as you sail between Algeciras and Ceuta. This ship features state-of-the-art stabilisers to make your trip even more enjoyable. What’s more, it comes with plenty of space and even more services. Don’t miss out. If you want to find out more about this ferry, visit this page or BOOK now and come sail with us.



You can check the Algeciras - Ceuta line schedule in our schedule section

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Now, booking your ferry ticket is also very fast. Book in less than 2 minutes from our FRS Travel App.

  • No need to enter passenger details.
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Booking and checking in has never been quicker or easier!

More information here

Find out about the onboard services

If you’d like to find out about all the services onboard our fast ferry, as well as view images of the boat and its characteristics, you’ve got all the information in our section about the Levante Jet.

Premium Class, enjoy your journey even more

Travel in a reserved, privileged, quiet area.
This includes:

  • Panoramic views.
  • 1 FREE (hot or cold) drink
  • FREE piece of cake or snack.
  • Personal attention.
  • XL leather seats.

Our Premium Class is available on the Algeciras Jet and Ceuta Jet.
Reserve your Premium Class seat through our website, our FRS Travel App, at the box office or our sale points.


Port of Algeciras

If you’re planning to travel on the Ceuta - Algeciras line, please take into account the new boarding procedure at the Port of Algeciras. 

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