Travel with Pets

FRS allows pets to be transported on board its ships.
If you are travelling with pets on one of our FRS ferries, there is very important information you should keep in mind. Of course, pets are allowed, but some measures must be taken.

General conditions for travelling with your pet

Below we explain the general conditions that must be met on board all our vessels when travelling with your pet.

Any pet species are accepted onboard (dogs, cats, ferrets, invertebrates, ornamental aquatic animals, amphibians, reptiles, birds, rodents and rabbits).

The maximum number of pets permitted is five unless proof of participation in a competition or exhibition is provided.

These rules apply to all our routes.

If the above is not complied with, this will lead to the company refusing to carry the pet in question on board. FRS may take legal action if the owner does not comply with this procedure during the trip.

More information

For information you can contact our Call Center.