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If you want to book a day trip with this route, this is unfortunately not possible due to the departures we offer. If you want a one-way trip or a multi-day trip, please ignore this message. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 0461 864-44

Ferry from Tangier to Algeciras

Sail more comfortably between Algeciras and Tangier Med on board our larger ships with your family.

Buy your ticket online and change the date of your ticket with no extra charges.

If you need to to take our Tangier to Tarifa ferry or the Tangier to Spain ferry cost, you have all the information on our website.

Tangier to Algeciras

Our route from Tangier Med to Algeciras is one of the most frequent to cross the strait between Spain and Morocco.

It is a great route to plan your weekend trip or any other trip. In addition, you can travel on foot or with your own vehicle.

Ferry Tangier to Algeciras timetable

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Tangier to Algeciras Ferry Prices

The Tangier to Algeciras ferry prices is usually around 37€. It depends on various factors, such as the selected accommodation, if you take a vehicle or if you’re travelling with pets, among other aspects.

You can check the rates for the ferry from Tangier to Algeciras prices directly on our website, and you’ll be shown the final price of your trip before booking your ticket.

We offer you the most competitive prices, as well as the option to change the date and time of your ferry ticket 100% free of charge.

How far from Tangier to Algeciras?


The ferry from Tangier to Algeciras usually takes approximately one hour. 

It is a fairly short and comfortable trip, with which you can travel quickly between Spain and Morocco.

What time is ferry from Tangier to Algeciras?

If you're looking for the ferry schedule for Tangier Med to Algeciras, you can find it easily in our website.

We have several daily departures, so you will have many options to choose from to sail from Tanger Med to Algeciras.


Is the ferry ticket expensive from Tangier to Algeciras?


To determine the rates for the Tangier Med to Algeciras ferry, you can visit our website, where you can see the final price of your trip before booking.
We have highly competitive prices.
In addition, once you have booked, you can make 100% free date and time changes to your ferry ticket.