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We are conscious of our environmental responsibilities.

Our goal is to meet our customers' expectations by becoming leaders in protecting the marine environment. We are therefore constantly striving to reduce our energy use and the environmental impact of our business.

How do we protect the environment?

FRS has a number of environmental protection initiatives, some of which are:

  • An 80% reduction in the use of plastics on board
  • To use less paper and ensure that we use paper that is recyclable 
  • A Waste Management Plan (sanitary, waste, fuel)
  • To reduce CO2 emissions and use fuels that have a lower sulphur content
  • To produce Eco-Friendly Merchandising


FRS Recycles

We do everything possible to make sure the products we use are recyclable.

FRS promotes recycling both on board and on-shore. All FRS workers now see recycling as part of their everyday work routine. This strengthens their already strong commitment to the environment, especially the marine one in which they work.

Cleaning up the Sea-Bed

FRS works in partnership with the CIES Diving Club.

Events are organised every year to clean-up the seabed and coast. These events help to remove the wide variety of water contaminants that harm marine life. This helps to clean-up our marine and on-shore environments. The diving club also looks to raise public awareness, with a focus on educating young children, as the future of our marine environment will depend on them.