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We want our customers and employees to see us as a professional and reliable company.

That's why we guarantee high safety standards on all of our ferry services. We use the appropriate channels to guarantee fast and efficient communication at all times.
Tradition, Consistency, and Innovation. These three core values drive our company’s success and ensure that we work to our full potential on a daily basis.

Our commitment to customers and employees:

  • FRS values continuous training opportunities for our employees
  • Our primary focus is high-quality customer service
  • We comply with established regulations as well as setting our own
  • Being clear and transparent in our customer relationships
  • We care about safety on board and on shore
  • Customer satisfaction is our primary focus, so we use their feedback to learn and improve

Customer service

Our primary focus is on high-quality customer service.

That's why we've extended our customer service opening hours, added new contact options and are now able to correspond with customers via WhatsApp.


SAREX is a simulation exercise which has the purpose of testing the safety on board our ships.

These exercises take place before the ‘Operación Paso del Estrecho’ (Spain’s annual coordination plan related to immigration). During the simulations, tests are carried out in the Strait of Gibraltar which are related to safety and emergency procedures. The main objective of the simulations is to ensure coordination between the operators and the organisations involved in carrying out major rescue operations.

FRS is certified to ISO quality standards

Our cargo ships are certified to ISO quality standards.

This certification regulates management systems and ensures quality standards related to the maintenance, crew and operation of our ships.
This certification guarantees our quality standards. We guarantee our customers will get the best service possible from a company known for high-quality standards.