The success of our business depends on our people.

Our mission is to provide a safe work environment that motivates staff and promotes team-work when dealing with tasks and any challenges that arise. We also want to make the most of the cultural and social diversity within our teams.

How do we work in partnership with our employees?

Our Director-General and member of the board at the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies in Casablanca

Ronny Moriana, Director-General of FRS Iberia, has been appointed as a board member of the Higher Institute of Maritime Studies in Casablanca.

The centre trains future professionals in the maritime transport sector. Its values are based on excellence and an interdisciplinary approach.
FRS provides the institute’s students with the work-based experience required to complete their training.

We are committed to training

We work in partnership with a number of training centres and universities to help students enter the labour market.

We generally provide work placements for 10 students which are spread across our different departments. The placement’s main goal is to give the students experience of the day-to-day work environment while supporting their professional development by making them part of the team.

Many of the work-place students now form part of our team.


Healthy day

At FRS we encourage our employees to live a healthy lifestyle.

That's why on the first Monday of each month, our employees can enjoy a basket of fruit for their breakfast.
These initiatives help to transform the company into a healthy place to work. The main benefit is the improvement in the worker's physical and emotional well-being.


We believe in a supportive work environment

The work environment is highly important in the company’s on-going success and development.

The work environment has a positive impact on the motivation and productivity of our employees. We therefore support it in a variety of ways. Some examples are a company-wide baking competition, a party for the children of our employees to celebrate ‘El Dia de los Reyes Magos’ (a national Spanish holiday), and ‘Carroza en la cabalgata de la Feria de Algeciras’ (a traditional festival held annually in Algeciras).

The company periodically conducts a workplace review and uses the results to deliver improvements and maintain a good work environment.

Cultural diversity differentiates us

This has helped our employees develop a reputation for empathy, respect and tolerance. We see the company’s cultural diversity as an advantage which requires our employees to learn constantly. It also gives them a richer and broader perspective.